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Purchasing distressed furniture can be a tough prospect. Distressed furniture is one of the most difficult kinds of furniture to pull off convincingly for both manufacturer and client alike. If it’s too new-looking the piece will lose its distressed flare but of it’s too aged or ragged-looking you may end up being stuck with a piece that doesn’t fir in your home.

At Santa Fe Terra, we understand what a delicate balancing act this is, and it’s here that we really put our twelve years of experience to use. There’s simply no substitute for experience when dealing with such delicate materials as are present in a fine piece of distressed furniture.

We offer a wide range of choices in distressed furniture, including:

• Sofas—Who doesn’t love a cushy, high-quality sofa to kick back and relax on after a long day? Our sofas feature a variety of patterns, styles, and colors that cover a wide enough range to really match the needs of any customer. After all, a sofa is more than a place to rest. It’s a centerpiece to your overall living room décor.

• Chairs and tables—These can be especially tricky; you want them to have an aged look to them, but certainly not an aged feel, lest they begin to chip and break apart or have a “cheap” look. This is where that all-important matter of experience comes into play again, and we’ll help you find a chair that’s just right for your individual décor.

• Antiques—Nothing brings your decor to life quite like quality antiques, and we have everything you may need here at Santa Fe Terra! When purchasing antiques it’s the quality and look that matters. Our antiques have top quality and all look great.

For the absolute best in distressed furniture in the Weatherford, TX region visit Santa Fe Terra today!

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